Couple Years of Protection:


DEIC Ghaziabad Centre visited by Additional Director, Medical and Child Health Government of UP

We felt much obliged when Government Authorities visits and acknowledged the effort made by Team HLFPPT for making District Early Intervention Centre-Ghaziabad a big success and famous among the parents.

On December 24th, 2019 DR. RENU GUPTA, Additional Director, Medical & Child Health visited DEIC-Ghaziabad with Chief Medical Surgeon (Ghaziabad). After the Visit, CMO office said: My Visit Experience was wonderful and all Staffs are patient-friendly. The Ambiance is also very nice and works done here is excellent. Dr. Gupta Said also appraised the excellent work done by DEIC staff and HLFPPT.

The Fact about DEIC:

  1. DEIC under RBSK provides much needed Early Intervention (Check-up) services, which are easily approachable, adaptable, user-friendly and cost-efficient.
  2. DEIC Provides Interdisciplinary approach of multidisciplinary teams placed under one roof by housing age-appropriate and domain-specific equipment and with specifically trained domain specialties
  3. DEIC, used to done Early Identification and early intervention for 4Ds i.e, Defects at Birth, Diseases, Deficiencies, Developmental Delays & Disabilities
  4. It provides, referral support to children detected with health conditions during health screening, primarily for children aged up to 0-6 years

At Present, HLFPPT Managed and operationalized Two DEICs situated in Noida, Sector-30 and Ghaziabad.

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