Couple Years of Protection:

Laerdal Lifesaving Tools


Upright and the new Newborn Masks (size 0 and 1) are designed to make it easier to obtain mask seal and provide effective ventilations. It is available with the NeoNatalie Complete kit, and can also be ordered separately.

Key Features

  • Dominant hand holds the bag, and helps the user provide an even, downward pressure onto the mask.
  • Upright has a thicker and broader top surface than most other masks, and its unique design makes it easier to hold the mask correctly, enabling a better mask seal.
  • Upright has fewer parts (total 6) compared to other resuscitators (typically 9 – 12), making Upright significantly easier to disassemble and reassemble correctly.
  • The silicone bag can be folded for reduced volume during transportation.
  • Can be high-level disinfected in low-resource settings, it can also be sterilized by autoclaving.