Couple Years of Protection:


Second Edition of COVID-19 Newsletter is published as a token of gratitude

To express the gratitude towards real-life heroes who are at the forefront combating the battle against deadly Coronavirus, this is also known as COVID-19.

This is our second edition, where extraordinary stories of Frontline workers, medical officers, field officers, ward boys, staff nurses, and drivers are covered. As you all are aware that, COVID-19 has a vast impact on the visits of beneficiaries at ART centers to access medicines is a major challenge whereas public transportation is not functional in the state. Hanumangarh (Rajasthan) is a very large district. The person Mr. K and his wife are residing in an interior village of Sangaria block which is 65 KM from Hanumangarh ART center. He is specially-abled and his medicine was due from April, 20 and it made him worried that how both of them will get the medicine.

Mr. K called Gurmeil Singh (ORW, Hanumangarh, CSC Sriganganagar) and in close coordination of ART center Gurmeil received 2 months of medicine. ORW said-  Don’t worry, I will come to your place if you are unable to come. Mr. Gurmeil covered 65 KM journey on his bike and reached his home to deliver medicine. During his visit, he came to know that wife of Mr. K is stuck in Churu district. He assured that she will also get the medicine. Close coordination over the phone was established with ORW Churu (CSC Bikaner) and finally her wife also got the medicine.

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