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NeoNatalie Resuscitator

NeoNatalie Resuscitator is a reusable bag-valve-mask intended for resuscitation or respiratory support of term newborns (size 1) and preterm newborns (size 0). For delivery of supplemental oxygen, the accessory oxygen kit is required.

Key Features

  • CE-marked; meets ISO 10651-4 requirements
  • Translucent materials: Silicone rubber and polysulphone. Oxygen kit: PVC and polycarbonate
  • Reusable for multiple patient use
  • Patient size range: Up to 5 kg
  • Internal volume: 230 ml
  • Maximum deliverable volume: > 150 ml
  • Operating temperature range: -18 ┬░C to +50 ┬░C
  • Pressure-limiting valve: 30-40 cm H2O
  • Disassembly and assembly for proper cleaning
  • Tested for achieving high-level disinfection by following methods:
    • Steam autoclaving at 136 ┬░C, 10-20 minutes
    • Chemical disinfection with activated glutaraldehyde, 60 min
    • Boiling in water, minimum 10 minutes