Couple Years of Protection:


Mental Health Awareness Week celebrated by HLFPPT

Mental Health awareness means bringing down the walls of stigma by sharing our experiences, stories, and truths. It means educating others on what mental illness really is, and helping those with illnesses knows they are not alone.”

By joining the movement, HLFPPT is providing free Health Counselling on Mental Health to Transgender communities living across the nation.

Apart from the above, the World mental health day also celebrated at Ichhapur, Kathsama, Banigaon, Goudguda, Jhigidi, Binayakpur, Bedagoen, and Karadabandha of Odisha State. HLFPPT has sensitized Front Line Workers (FLWs) and local community members about the importance of mental health and how and where to avail of the services if required. The Nand Gahr project is funded by Vedanta under which HLFPPT is given the mandate to manage these Model Aanganwadi Kendras.