Couple Years of Protection:

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Top five reasons why you should join HLFPPT!

  1. Follow your thoughts: Your viewpoints, thoughts, opinions, ideas are not just heard and respected but incubated, and implemented. From there emerge our innovations; Innovations that enable and empower millions of vulnerable communities.
  2. Take the road less traveled: Because that would make all the difference. At HLFPPT, risk taking is encouraged and rewarded.
  3. Focus on the end user: because if we keep the community first, in all our plans and actions, then everything else would fall into place.
  4. Barriers break, when people talk: Barriers of prejudiced minds, semantics, hierarchies and physical space. We encourage open communication, questions, and quests leading to the mission.
  5. Because you, like us, want to make a difference: and you, like us, have just one life to do it. HLFPPT boasts of an excellent mix of talent in social development with specific focus on public health and expertise in Project Management, Communication, Capacity Building, MIS, Operations Research, Gender and Governance, Demography, Public Health, Hospital Management and Administration, Fund-Raising, Social Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and an internal resource pool in health sector reforms and change management.

Job Openings

You can search for jobs that match your unique skills and competencies. We currently have the following vacancies:

Leave your resume or CV without applying for a specific job. This will create a profile in our recruiting data base that will pre-populate applications for specific positions that you may submit in the future. Creating a profile is not an application for employment.


HLFPPT does not have a formal internship program, but we do sometimes take interns for short-term study or research programs. If you are interested in applying as an intern, please send your CV to and we will maintain your details in our database in case any relevant opportunities arise.


HLFPPT hires professionals and experts on short-term contractual assignments as per need. In case you would be interested in short-term consultancy services, please leave your resume at