Couple Years of Protection:


Ensuring Smile and Happiness through multi-services under one roof-DEIC Ghaziabad

There is a proverb, Happiness increases by sharing. Exactly this is what happened with Rohit and Anil (changed name).

A while ago, these two couldn’t able to walk properly. They used to fall all of sudden, they were having a lack of concentration in any subject topic even during their food time. These kinds of issues are categorized as Motor Delay in medical term.

The result of the efforts made at “District Early Intervention Centre located in Ghaziabad sector-23 (UP) bring happiness in their life. Team DEIC has provided a prosthetic aid (helping in walk) for both of them so that they can walk freely and be able to attend the classes.

DEIC Centre is located in the district joint hospital, Sanjay Nagar, sector 23, in collaboration with the national health mission, Uttar Pradesh. At this centre, any children can come from any part of the state, for any kind of disorder and health problems from the time of birth from age group up to 0-6 years.

About DEIC

District Early Intervention Centre (DEIC) under RBSK program of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GoI provides the much needed early interventions services, which are easily approachable, adaptable, user-friendly and cost-effective.
At DEIC, 4Ds i.e, Defects at Birth, Diseases, Deficiencies, Developmental Delays & Disabilities are being identified at a very early stage, so that we can minimize the disability in child and improve the quality of their lives. DEICs provides an interdisciplinary approach by multi-disciplinary team placed under one roof by housing age-appropriate and domain-specific equipment with specifically trained domain specialities. DEIC also does provide referral supports to children detected with health conditions during health screening, primarily for children up to 6 years of age group.
At Present, HLFPPT is managing and operationalizing Two DEICs, one is acting as Centre of Excellence based at Noida which ensures comprehensive services under one roof with a holistic approach to children with special needs and also provides referral linkages and another one is normal DEIC located in Ghaziabad.
Some of the services offered under DEICs are Lab, Service Coordination, Special Education, Sensory, Cognition, Vision, Psychological, Occupational Therapy, Speech, Audiology, Dental and Medical Services.
Visit Us: DEIC-Ghaziabad, 1st Floor, District Combined hospital, Sanjay Nagar, Sector-23, Ghaziabad, UP