Couple Years of Protection:


A noble concept for Early Childhood Intervention – DEIC

“It’s not a drug it’s not a vaccine and it’s not a device. It is a group of therapist working together, solving problems and enhancing capabilities”

– Adaptation from Richard Horton. – Lancet Editor

Background of the Program

  • With an annual birth cohort of almost 27 million, India is expected to have the largest number of infants born with birth defects
  • As per available estimates, 6% of children are born with birth defects
  • 10% Children are detected with development delays, leading to disabilities
  • This Translates to more than 15 lakh new-borns with birth defects annually
  • Further, 4% of under-five Mortality & 10% of neonatal morality are attributed to birth defects

About District Early Intervention Centre (DEIC)

  • DEIC under RBSK provides the much needed early interventions services, which are easily approachable, adaptable user friendly and cost effective
  • Provides interdisciplinary approach of multi-disciplinary teams placed under one roof by housing age appropriate and domain specific equipment and with specific trained domain specialities
  • Acts as the apex centre of the district and ensures comprehensive services under one roof, with a holistic approach to children with special needs and also provides referral linkages
  • Provides referral support to children detected with health conditions during health screening, primarily for children up-to 6 years of age group
  • Early Identification and early Intervention Programme for these 4 Ds minimises the disability and therefore significantly improve the quality of their lives
  • Meaning of 4D: Defects at Birth, Diseases, Deficiencies,  Developmental Delays  & Disability


Interventions under DEIC

  1. Screening, Diagnostics & Assessment for 4Ds
  2. Domain Specific Intervention & Management
  3. Evaluation, Review & Follow-Up
  4. Referral to Tertiary Hospitals for Surgery
  5. Referral to Tertiary Hospital for further management especially after 6 years
  6. Investigations
  7. Liasoning for Provision of Aids to Children


Services provided under DEIC

  • Medical Services (Screening, Management and Referral of 4Ds)
  • Dental services
  • Audiology (Helps in treating hearing issues)
  • Speech (Helps in speaking fluency & language improvement)
  • Occupational therapy and Physical therapy (helps in improving skills and reducing disabilities)
  • Psychological services
  • Vision services
  • Cognition services (helps in improvement of learning, attention and memory, hence improving intelligence)
  • Sensory services (Helps in treating autism and attention on deficit)
  • Special Education (Helps in reducing learning disabilities)
  • Service coordination
  • Lab services



  1.  Centre of Excellence- District Early Intervention Centre (COE-DEIC) & Training Centre (Noida):
  •  Hindustan Latex family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT), with support from MoHFW & NHM-UP, is operationalizing one Centre of Excellence- DEIC & Training Centre at G.B Nagar, Sector-30, UP
  • This Noida Centre is developed as “First of its Kind” COE-DEIC & Training Centre as a Model DEIC for others and is having state-of-art infrastructure facilities, equipped with specialized and trained human resources with standardized treatment, diagnosis and referral protocols to ensure delivery of child friendly services.
  • This centre would be responsible for training other DEIC team for ensuring the standardized protocols of treatment and upgrading the skills
  1. DEIC Ghaziabad:
  •  HLFPPT with support from MoHFW & NHM-UP is also operationalizing one another DEIC in Ghaziabad.
  • In addition to that, other DEICs are in pipeline like- Haryana, Kerala, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar & Delhi.
  • DEICs would provide standardized screening, treatment, referral and follow-up of all cases thereby improving both survival and development of children.

Glimpses of COE-DEIC & Training Centres Noida and DEIC Ghaziabad










Sh. Manoj Jhalani, Mission Director (MD-NHM), MoHFW visited the Noida Centre

















Building of DEIC Ghaziabad






Map View of COE-DEIC (NOIDA)



COE-DEIC & Training Centre (Noida)- 3rd  & 4th Floor, Tower No-9,
Super Speciality Paediatric Hospitality & Post Graduate Teaching Institute, Sector 30, Noida (U.P), Contact- 8287496259

DEIC Ghaziabad Centre

DEIC, 1st Floor, District Combined Hospital, Sanjay Nagar, Sector-23, Ghaziabad (UP)