Technical Support Units

NACO established Technical Support Units (TSUs) which aim at supporting the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS strategies in their respective states through extending technical assistance to State AIDS Control Societies (SACSs), helping them meet the current goals and objectives of NACP eventually.

HLFPPT, with NACO's guidance, has been managing TSUs in three states namely, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh since 2007. HLFPPT provides techno-managerial support to TSUs and is responsible for giving strategic guidance to TSUs through capacity building and aligning TSU performance with state-specific needs.

The Targeted Interventions are targeted for HRGs comprising Female Sex Workers (FSWs), Men having Sex with Men (MSM), Injecting Drug Users (IDUs), and Transgender (TG) and Bridge Population comprising Migrant Workers and Truckers.

I. TSU Chhattisgarh: Reached out to 128,889 HRGs and Bridge Population

TSU Chhattisgarh of Chhattisgarh State AIDS Control Society (CGSACS) has placed its objective of bringing in technical and professional expertise in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention which include, evidence-based strategic planning, resource planning, capacity building and strengthening Targeted Interventions (TIs).

TSU Chhattisgarh has been extending support to 21 out of 27 districts, covering five regions of the state including Bilaspur, Durg, Korba, Raigarh and Raipur.


  • HIV Testing –27,934 HIV testing for HRGs and 9,768 HIV testing for Bridge Population
  • Condom Distribution –7.4 million condoms uptake through free distribution and social marketing
  • Needle Syringe Distribution - 1.44 million needle syringes among IDUs and return of 983,131 needle syringes by them
  • Recognition:

    Through consistent mentorship of TSU Chhattisgarh, OST Centre at Civil Hospital Supela, Bhilai (Durg) has received appreciation letter by NACO, which has acknowledged it as one of the Best Performing Centres in the country twice.

    II. TSU Andhra Pradesh: Reached out to 461,107 HRGs

    HLFPPT has been implementing TSU Andhra Pradesh, with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under the guidance of NACO since 2007.

    PERFORMACE FY 2013-14

  • Coverage and Reach – During FY 2013-14, TSU Andhra Pradesh has continued its presence across 23 districts of the state through 170 TIs by NGOs and CBOs.
  • Condom Distribution – It has facilitated condom distribution to TIs and achieved 91% distribution of free condoms. Besides, the TSU has also marked 85% success in needle and syringe distribution.
  • Social Entitlements for HRGs – More than 800 Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) have been trained and 6 Legal Aid Clinics have been established in Andhra Pradesh to ensure legal rights of HRGs remain intact
  • III. TSU Madhya Pradesh: Reached out to 1,19,844 HRGs

    The Technical Support Unit (TSU) of MP State AIDS Control Society (MPSACS) was established by NACO in November 2007, and has remained operational by HLFPPT.

    PERFORMANCE FY 2013-14

    During the reporting year, TSU MP has facilitated expansion of TI programmes across 41 out of 51 districts through 84 TIs, covering more than 95% of HRGs and covering Bridge Population.

  • Enhanced Service Delivery for Core Population: HIV Tests for HRGs have reached to 37,821 (42%) against the target of 64,500; Syphilis Tests have reached to 19,818 (31%) against the target of 64,500; and Clinical Access by HRGs has reached to 85,561 (42%) against the target of 204,425. Similarly, Free Condom Distribution has been 4,202,106 (126%) against the target of 3,335,004. Also, 4 OST Centres have been made operational for IDUs.
  • Enhanced Service Delivery for Bridge Population: During the year, a total 33,591 Migrants and Truckers have accessed the clinics for seeking health services.
  • ART Linkage for Positive HRGs: 162 HIV Positive HRGs were linked to ARTs for services out of a total of 280 HIV Positive HRGs during the reporting year.
  • STI Management of HRGs through Govt., Static and PPP Clinics : Out of total clinic attendance 85561 by these HRGs, the Government clinic access was 22,642 (26%) during the reporting year.
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