Targeted Condom Social Marketing Programme

To promote the use of condoms as the ultimate prevention against HIV/AIDS, STIs and unwanted pregnancies, HLFPPT is implementing Targeted Condom Social Marketing Programme (TCSMP). It is being funded by the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and receiving technical guidance from Technical Support Group (TSG) NACO. The programme is specifically targeted at men in 15-49 years age group, when they are most sexually active and hence prone to risky sexual practices.

The programme is operational in six high focus states, which have either high HIV prevalence or high unmet need for family planning. These include Madhya Pradesh – 36 high priority districts, UP & Uttarakhand – 63 high priority districts, Andhra Pradesh – all 23 districts, Bihar - all 35 districts, and Delhi – all 9 districts.

TCSMP endeavours to:


Create a perpetual demand for subsidised condoms under the brand names of Deluxe Nirodh and Rakshak among high-risk groups comprising – migrant workers, truck drivers, Female Sex Workers (FSWs), Men having Sex with Men (MSMs), etc – and among the general population.

· Increase availability and accessibility of condoms and ensure their regular supply in rural and underserved areas.

To achieve these, HLFPPT has embraced a holistic approach of social marketing, which includes, creating a lasting behavioural change among the targeted population towards safe sex practices through promoting condom usage; escalating condom sales; increasing access and availability of condoms through expanding coverage of outlets; and building an effective and reliable supply chain mechanism.

To increase easy access of condoms in rural and underserved areas, the programme has taken steps to equip Non-Traditional Outlets such as petrol pumps, barber shops, liquor shops, PDS shops, dhabas, lodges etc, with regular condom supplies.

For creating a lasting behavioural change and demand generation among the targeted populations about safe sex practices and consistent condom usage, HLFPPT makes extensive use of mid-media activities, promotional activities, nukkad nataks, kiosks, and the like.

For effective reach, so that no HRG is left behind, the programme team works in coordination with Targeted Intervention NGOSs and undertakes periodic assessments through Programme Review and Evaluation Meetings with NACO and TSG NACO.

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