Maternal And Child Health

3561 children (under the age of 5) die in India daily, amounting to 1.3 million deaths in a year. What's worse, 137 women die in India every day during pregnancy and childbirth, adding up to 50,000 maternal deaths in a year. Every year more than 500,000 women die in childbirth or from complications during pregnancy (UNICEF).

According to UNICEF, the largest absolute number of newborn deaths occurs in South Asia - India contributes a quarter of the world total. Ninety nine percent (99 per cent), of maternal and newborn mortality occurs in the developing world, where more than 50 per cent of women still deliver without the assistance of skilled health personnel.

To add to this collective frustration is the fact that we are losing our young mothers and children to some of the most preventable and treatable conditions such as anaemia, haemorrhage and sepsis among mothers and diarrhoea, respiratory infections and fever among children. Neglected outlook for mother and child health, coupled with lack of awareness, resources and access to healthcare services are largely to be blamed for the dismal scenario. Improving the health and nutrition of pregnant mothers and by providing quality reproductive healthcare services will definitely help in reducing the mother and child mortality rate.

HLFPPT, in this context, has been making constant efforts in improving the maternal and child health in India through its multiple programmes. It has partnered with various national and international healthcare organisations to implement these programmes.

Current programmes:

Merrygold Health Network (MGHN) - UP

Ongoing since 2007 | Uttar Pradesh | provided antenatal care to 822,537 expecting mothers | facilitated 152,531 institutional deliveries during FY 13-14

HLFPPT aims to set up a Sustainable Network of Social Franchised Clinics to provide Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) services, with SIFPSA as the funding partner. Read More

Merrygold Health Network (MGHN) - Rajasthan

Ongoing since 2013 | Rajasthan | facilitated 2,483 institutional deliveries | provided 17,519 antenatal and post-natal care services in its inception year, 2013

Considering the high MMR in Rajasthan, HLFPPT has partnered with global healthcare firm, Merck, to institute an economically sustainable, easily scalable and innovative social franchising model, called MGHN, which provides high quality MCH services, safe abortions and family planning services at reasonable rates and promotes safe motherhood and institutional deliveries among the underserved. Read More

Merrygold Health Network (MGHN) - Andhra Pradesh

Ongoing since August 2014 | Andhra Pradesh | established 9 Merrygold Hospitals (so far)

Based on the success and learning from MGHN UP and Rajasthan, HLFPPT has expanded the programme to AP. A self sustainable model, so far it has included around 292 Merrytarang Members. Read More

Mobile Medical Units

Kerala | Reached out to 8,194 people during FY13-14

HLFPPT operates four Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) in Kerala, which were initiated to improve health seeking behaviour of the community and also to provide medical services at the doorsteps / hamlets especially for PVTG. Read More

Past Programmes:


November 2009-June 2013 | Six states | Reached out to 5.8 million children

HLFPPT, with support from UNICEF implemented Project AMRIT in those states of India which had high incidence of diarrhoea among children. It aimed at reducing diarrhoeal deaths among children by advocating the use of ORS-Zinc combination as an "elixir" for treatment and prevention of the disease. It reached out to 1 million mothers and caregivers with demonstrations on ORS-Zinc usage for combating diarrhoea.. Read More


Uttarakhand (Tehri and Chamoli) | 696 Ante & Post Natal Check-ups | Provided immunization services to 1961 children (in 2011)

HLFPPT successfully operationalized Mobile Health Clinics (MHCs) with support from Uttarakhand Health and Family Welfare Society (UKHFWS). The initiative aimed at providing high quality reproductive health care services including counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS and products to the unserved or underserved populations. In 2011, both the MHCs successfully provided 696 Antenatal & Postnatal Check-ups and 1961 immunization of children. Additionally, they provided 12,390 OPD services, 2098 lab test investigations and 513 referrals.

Support & Technical Assistance to Mission Convergence under USAID - Health Systems 20/20 Project

Delhi (2 Districts) | Reached out to 40,000 households covered by 2 GRCs

This project was implemented by HLFPPT with financial support from USAID - Health systems 20/20 project. It was intended at capacitating two Gender Resource Centers (GRCs) operational under Mission Convergence to facilitate improved access and utilization of primary health care services, especially maternal and child healthcare among the vulnerable populations.


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