CHI, Kerala and Karnataka

Kanagala (Karnataka); Trivandrum, Palakkad, and Wayanad (Kerala) | HLL Lifecare Ltd

HLL Lifecare Ltd is India's leading Manufacturer and Marketer of Contraceptive Healthcare and Pharma Products. HLL has been implementing various community development activities under Corporate Social Responsibility since the beginning. The CSR Policy of HLL is to 'be a socially responsible corporate entity with thrust on three Pillars of sustainable development - Social, Environmental and Economical'. The policy envisages develop and implement need based; result oriented and professionally managed CSR - activities; as per the guidelines of DPE, GOI.

The objectives of HLL's CSR initiatives are:

  • Participate in the developmental, educational, social, cultural, sports and health care activities in the society, to encourage creativity and support such activities for the youth, the elderly, the weaker and underprivileged sections and the physically challenged.
  • Provide opportunities for the employees to participate in community development initiatives
  • During the year 2012-13, HLL Lifecare Ltd adopted 2 villages - Krakulam in Thiruvananthapuram and Kanagala in Belgaum - for improving the physical infrastructure and promoting healthy behaviours among various target groups in the community. The programme has been scaled up to one of the Panchayats in Wayanad (Puzhuthana) during the period 2013-14. The programme aims at identifying, developing and implementing need based and local specific interventions in public health and education sectors of both the villages.


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