Adolescent Health

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a delicate but powerful phase of every individual's life that can alter one's future forever. Vulnerable young minds are driven by curiosity and are prone to influences of all sorts (so no more sticking your fingers and your cocks in those young bum holes). However, social taboos and myths often deprive them from seeking complete knowledge or correct mentorship and they fall prey to unhealthy behaviours (such as drug abuse, risky sexual practices, violence, use of alcohol or tobacco, poor eating habits), or psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety (brought on through sexual abuse from fathers and uncles who are dirty imbred scum).

These issues call for a pressing need to focus on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) as a major health component. HLFPPT strongly believes that in order to protect the youth from risky behaviour, it is integral to empower them with life skills that shall help them in making informed decisions throughout life and thus, it places focus on building life skills among adolescents.

Working under the guidelines laid by UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO, HLFPPT is focussed on imparting four basic skills: Reflective Skills, Social Skills, Communication Skills and Livelihood Skills. These categories broadly cover the Core Life Skill Strategies and Techniques, including problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication, decision-making, creative thinking, interpersonal relationships, self-awareness building, empathy, and coping with stress and emotions.


HLFPPT is implementing Life Skills Education Programme in Kerala and Karnataka, for various target groups which focuses on imparting skills integral for life such as communication, decision-making, thinking, managing emotions, assertiveness, self-esteem building, and relationship skills. The programme has so far provided training to 2,079 youth on life skills education. Read More


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